On this page you can meet some of the great folks who will take care of you at Essex Street Dental Medicine and learn a little about them. 

Jeffrey M. Casiglia, DMD, DMSc

Born: Florida (west coast)

Undergraduate Studies: University of Florida, BA in Music, BS in Biochemistry
Dental School: University of Pennsylvania, Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD)
Postdoctoral Education: Harvard School of Dental Medicine and Harvard Hospitals: Doctor of Medical Science (DMSc) and Oral Medicine Fellowship
Specialty Certification: American Board of Oral Medicine. Learn More about Oral Medicine and these Services HERE.
Member: American Dental Association, Massachusetts Dental Society, North Shore District Dental Society, American Academy of Oral Medicine, American Academy of Orofacial Pain, American Academy of Osseointegration, 
Faculty: Harvard School of Dental Medicine 

Dr. Casiglia has practiced for more than 15 years in Massachusetts. He enjoys the wide range of procedures that comprise general practice dentistry, and the ability to provide almost all treatments that a patient might need within one office.

Dr. Casiglia is deeply committed to education--both his own and that of others. Beginning in high school, he has always been involved in teaching others. He currently teaches several classes at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine throughout the academic year. He also provides continuing education lectures to dental and medical professionals in New England and across the country on subjects such as pharmacology, oral cancer, HIV disease, medical conditions, and facial pain.

Dr. Casiglia has also been involved in numerous clinical and laboratory research studies. He has published articles in national dental and medical journals (and reviewed those of others for publication), authored articles for online medical reference, written book chapters, and served as editor of books.

His dedication to education is also evident in his approach to patient care. First and foremost, he will make sure that you as a patient completely understand the rationale for the proposed treatment, the risks and benefits of treatment, and what specifically is involved in the procedure. He will also make you aware of any alternative treatment options you may have. Dr. Casiglia will then provide the treatment upon which you agree in a compassionate manner with the utmost attention to your comfort and the best possible results.

When not at the practice, Dr. Casiglia spends most of his time sharpening his instruments for the next patient (or honing his dry sense of humor). He enjoys music, exercise, building restoration, reading, and foreign languages.

Lori Caldarone, RDH
Lori has been practicing dental hygiene for more than 20 years in Massachusetts. She is in charge of our preventive and periodontal maintenance programs. She will perform your routine recall visits every three, four, or six months, and take necessary X-rays.

Lori is committed not only to keeping your mouth clean, but identifying and preventing future problems. She will make suggestions to improve your home care and may advise and perform scaling, root planing, or other therapy to ensure your teeth will have the proper support for a lifetime of use. She will scold you for not flossing, because they are programmed every. single. day. in hygiene school to do that.

When she isn't banishing plaque and calculus, Lori is a dedicated mother and chauffeur. She has two lovely daughters and a son (who is also lovely but probably prefers to be "cool") that are involved in widely varied careers. She also enjoys spending time in the gym and doing yoga as well as gardening and flower arrangements.

Lucy Poulin, Office Manager
Lucy has been with our office since inception. Prior to this, she worked in several other dental and medical settings. As a result of her extensive experience, she is an expert in handling all of the financial aspects of dental care. Lucy is the practice's liason to insurance companies and our third-party financing partners. You may overhear her screaming at the automated robot phone menus. We're still not sure if she knows they don't care how frustrated she gets. Lucy will make sure you are always comfortable with your finances before we commence treatment, as well as maximizing any insurance benefits you might have.

Lucy has raised two lovely daughters, but now she uses her parenting skills to make sure that Dr. Casiglia doesn't get too far out of line. She is active in her church and also speaks fluent Portuguese. Our patients love her sunny disposition and her dedication to making sure their interests are served.

Maegan is a dental hygienist and brings her passion and excitement for flossing to the office. You may hear the mellifluous tones of her voice as she subconsciously hums along with the radio while annihilating the plaque and tartar on your teeth Word has already gotten around and her evening appointments are filling up quickly. Maegan was raised in Maine where she was taught to "wrestle bears and other animals from a young age". So, if you're thinking of making jokes about rural Maine you might want to think twice!


Dr. William F. White (deceased)
Dr. White received his Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Michigan in 1961. He founded and maintained this private practice on Essex Street in Salem, Massachusetts until 2006.

Though Dr. White was a talented dentist, his bedside manner is what earned him great renown. He was a true gentleman: he always had a firm handshake for the men and a suitable compliment for the ladies. Even the most fearful patients would leave with smiles on their faces once they experienced his gentle touch. With a memory like a steel trap, he could always recall your vacation, promotion, or grandchild's birth, even if it had been years since your last visit. He was a man of wit and great compassion for his patients and everyone he met.

For many individuals, Dr. White was the only dentist they ever knew. He passed away in the fall of 2007. He is greatly missed and will always be a part of our office.