Dental Promotions and Special Offers In Salem, MA

As a thank-you to both our new and established patients, Essex Street Dental Medicine always runs promotions specials. These promotions specials are put in place to help maximize the value of our best dental services. Call us today to schedule your appointment!

FREE Dental Implants Consultations

Are you ready to restore the look and feel of your natural smile without the use of dentures? Essex Street Dental is now offering 100% FREE dental implant consultations to both new and established patients. This special applies only to patients who do NOT have dental insurance. 

FREE Cosmetic Dentistry Consultations

Are you self-conscious about your crooked, yellow, chipped, or missing teeth? Transform your smile with the power of cosmetic dentistry. We offer a wide range of services - from teeth whitening to dental implants and beyond. Call today to schedule your FREE consultation!

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