Oral Sedation Dentistry For Dental Anxiety In Salem, MA

The skilled, compassionate team at Essex Street Dental Medicine is committed to delivering the best dental services to you. Included in our service list is oral sedation, a safe medicinal option that is designed to help you relax during treatments. If the thought of visiting the dentist has you feeling anxious, our Salem dental team is ready to help make your visit a relaxing one.

Our office is conveniently located for patients living and working in Salem, Swampscott, Marblehead, and beyond!

The Advantages Of Oral Sedation Dentistry

Oral Sedation DentistryIf dental appointments make you anxious or uncomfortable, Dr. Casigilia can prescribe an oral sedative to help you feel more at ease during your visit. Oral sedation is generally safe and comfortable for most patients.

Some of the advantages of oral sedation dentistry:

  • It's easy to take. Dr. Casigilia will prescribe a pill to help you stay calm. All you have to do is take it an hour or so before your appointment and you'll feel relaxed by the time you arrive at our Salem dental office for your appointment. You cannot drive yourself to your appointment after taking an oral sedative. Please be sure to arrange transportation to and from our office!
  • There are no needles. Oral sedation is completely painless and needle-free!
  • It's safe. Every oral sedative Dr. Casiglia prescribes is regulated by the FDA and is safe for adults to use. Our staff will review your medical history with you before prescribing oral sedation to ensure you don't experience negative side effects.
  • You won't be unconscious. You may feel drowsy after taking oral sedation, but you'll still be awake and responsive during your dental appointment.

Is Oral Sedation Dentistry The Best Choice For You?

Oral sedation dentistry can be ideal for:

  • Easing anxiety you may feel before or during a dental appointment
  • Allowing Dr. Casiglia to complete complex or extensive procedures in a single visit
  • Patients with special needs

How Can We Help?

We want every visit to Essex Street Dental Medicine to be a positive one. If you are afraid to visit the dentist or have had negative dental experiences in the past, please tell our staff so we can discuss the possibility of oral sedation dentistry with you.

Questions About Oral Sedation Dentistry?

Don’t let dental anxiety or discomfort keep you and your family from receiving the dental care you need. Call us today to schedule your dentist appointment!

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