Wisdom Teeth Removal In Salem, MA

Most people need to have their wisdom teeth (also known as 3rd molars) removed at some point in their life. They can cause pain and crowd healthy teeth, often resulting in decay and infection. Essex Street Dental Medicine often recommends our patients have their wisdom teeth removed during their late teenage years or early 20s.

Wisdom Teeth Removal When the wisdom teeth are removed before reaching full maturity, they are smaller which often results in a less complicated surgery and shorter recovery time. Our Salem, MA team also removes impacted wisdom teeth, a more complex extraction procedure that is not performed at most general dentistry offices.

Do I Need My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

When wisdom teeth come in at an angle, this can affect the bite, create an area where food particles get caught, and cause decay or even an infection. Having wisdom teeth removed is an important step in keeping smiles healthy, straight, and decay-free.

Dr. Casiglia will determine if your or your child's wisdom teeth will need to be removed through a complete oral exam and specialized X-ray imaging.

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